Our Policies

Below is our policies for clients attending a riding lesson or trail ride at our facility, please read carefully.


All riders must wear long pants and boots with a 1/2″ heel. Rubber boots and hiking boots are allowed as long as they have a 1/2″ heel. Riders who come to a riding lesson without this attire will be sent home. There are no exceptions on this.


We are unable to accommodate  groups larger than 3 people at a time. Groups larger than that can be split into two groups, one lesson after the other. At this time we are not able to accommodate children younger than 4 during our regular riding lessons. Children 6 and under must ride in a tiny tot lesson. Riders in a group lesson must be 8 years of age.


To participate in horseback riding you must be somewhat physically fit. At this time we do have a weight restriction of 200 lbs. Please understand that we must be able to get you on the horse for your riding lesson safety. While we do mount from a mounting block its important that you are able to get your leg over the saddle. You will also need to be able to hold both reins in your hands. If you have an arm cast or a sprained hand, its best to reschedule your lesson.


Cameras are allowed at the barn but the use of a flash is not. Unmounted students are able to use a camera however anyone mounted on a horse using a camera is not, this is for safety reasons.


24 Hours notice is required to cancel a lesson. If a lesson is not cancelled and is simply missed it cannot be re-booked.  If 24 hour notice is received then it can be rescheduled. For all cancellations please send an email VIA the contact page



At this time we are not able to accommodate anyone who does not speak English. All instructors at Hylee Training are English speaking only. If you are unable to speak English, we are unable to teach you safely. This is for both your safety and the horses safety. Bringing a translator to your riding lesson is not adequate. If you are not fluent in English, please speak to Alicia directly on the phone to ensure your English is good enough to ride.


We ask that you do not bring your pet to the barn with you. If you do, please keep it in your vehicle only the barn dogs are allowed in the barn, no other dogs will be allowed.


You are welcome to bring your family and friends to watch your lesson however, they are safe distance away from the horses. They are welcome to hang out and watch. Should a family member be in the way in the grooming area, they will be asked to clear the grooming area. This is for the safety of your family and the horses during your riding lesson.

If you bring small children to your riding lesson/ a lesson you will be asked to keep them quiet, no running is allowed in the barn. Children in the barn who are noisy may be asked to leave the outside of the arena to the viewing lounge should they be disrupting a lesson that is going on. Please be sure that there is an adult to watch small children. They cannot run wild!


We do not allow unscheduled visitors that are not current weekly clients to the barn. We are happy to set something up for a visit/tour but it must be scheduled. We are a small staff compared to the number of lessons and horses we have and we are generally busy or teaching therefore something must be booked so that a proper tour can be had.


Trails are weather dependent and go out most days no matter what however they will be cancelled if heavy rain fall is in the forecast. The weather call will be made by 9 am each day. Please sure to leave a phone number that can accept text messages as sometimes they are cancelled earlier.