Our Hunter Program

Our program focuses on riders looking to do Hunters and Fox Hunting. While we do accept beginners on those riders should be wanting to jump. Riders must be 8 years of age to ride in our program. Our program offers riders the opportunity to ride twice a week and actually encourages riders to ride twice a week. Unfortunately we cannot accept riders who are looking to ride every other week. Our program looks at all aspects of developing an athlete from health and fitness to sports psychology and teaching riders to train horses. Our horses are competition horses and are chosen for athletic ability and there suitability to compete in their discipline with an element of horse theory in there as well. Riders are expected to participate in the Equine Canada Rider Level Program and monthly testing is available. Membership to Horse Council of BC is a requirement.


We operate Monday to Saturday for lessons and training. Weekends are reserved for hunts or shows. Private Lessons start at 10 am and go until 3pm. Each day we offer one group lesson at 3:30 PM.  If riders are in a group they are very much encouraged to ride twice weekly. Hounds hunt or run Wednesday morning and Friday morning at various locations (weather dependent).


During the Fox Hunting Season (October to April) we attend as many hunts as possible within the province of BC. April to October we show at the local shows in Hunter classes.


For more information please contact us