Re-Introducing Group Lessons

We are very pleased to announce we are re-introducing the group lessons. Groups consist of just 3 riders here at Hylee Training. Riders come at the same time each week to take part in their group riding lesson. They will mount up their horse and either learn the basics of riding including steer, 2 point and the posting trot or they will refine their current horse knowledge at jumping, cantering and their two point.

Group lessons are geared more towards the riders who like to have fun while learning rather than riders looking to compete. Riders have over 20 lesson horses available to be matched with them for their lesson.

Cost for group lessons per month is $135 + GST.

Current weekly times are:

Beginner Child Group

Mon 5pm ,Wed 6pm, Sat 3pm

Adult Beginner Group

Friday 6pm, 7pm and Sun 5pm

Intermediate Group

Sat 4pm

Additional times will open as those spots fill.


Please feel free to contact us to get booked in