Saturday June 13th Hylee Training Show

Class List

Deadline to confirm sign up will be June 1st

Show Starts at 10 am will be BC Heritage Approved

Everyone is welcome to watch or to participate. You do need to be a current student to show on our horses. Cost is $60 for horse use and coaching and $20 entry fee.

1. Walk Equitation
2. Walk Pleasure
3. Walk Hunter
4. Costume Class
6. Walk/Trot Equitation
7. Walk/Trot Pleasure
8. Walk/Trot Hunter
9. WTC Equitation
10. WTC Pleasure
11. WTC Hunter
12. Walk Poles
13. Walk/Trot Poles
14. Walk/Trot Cross Poles
15. WTC Cross Poles

Trail Challenge
Trail Challenge will be group in age and ability to be defined based on riders entered. Riders will go around the trail course once. Trying to complete obstacles. Obstacles are worth a certain amount of points and the amount of points you receive will be based on how many obstacles you complete. A trail course will be posted.

There will be a BBQ with pop, juice, hotdogs and hamburgers available.