We`ve launched our program!

In 2017 we will be offering trail rides to the public. We have trail rides for beginners and up.  We have 3 or 4 rides that will go out each week.

Beginner Trails are Mondays at 2pm (every week) and Friday at 2pm (every other week) The Intermediate trail goes out every other Friday at 2pm (every other week). Each ride is 2 hours in length and $90 per rider. Each trail ride can take a maximum of 6 people out with our lovely guide. All rides travel thru the the Mission Interpretive Forest on one of our trusty steeds. All rides have some trot and or canter but it is up to the decision of your trail guide if it is safe to do so.

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Some other items to note:


We require all riders wear a helmet provided by us.

Riders must wear hiking boots, rubber boots or another closed toed show with a small heel. (Runners are not OK)

We have a weight limit of 225 lbs.

Trail riders must be 10 years old.


Trail horse leasing

We do lease our trail horses. They are not rented. Those who lease trail horses must have previously ridden with us and must be approved. All must have previous riding experience.

Lease documents must be signed outlining rules of the leasing.  Horses will be available to be booked on in advance and is subject to lesson schedule. All horses have been trained and have experience on our trails. Many trails are located from our barn and leasors get priority when trailering to  off site to trails.

Trail horse leasing is $200 per month and riders can ride up to 2X per week. Its ideal for former horse owners who miss riding, riders who are find horse ownership too expensive, those thinking about buying a horse and those who would like company on the trail. Current leasors will have access to our growing community of trail riders and can join in on those already going.

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