Hylee Training is home to Alicia Harper and if you have been around the Lower Mainland for a period of time – you probably know her, have attended a show she judged for competed against her. Alicia is well known as a Hunter rider, she develops over time horses that are amateur friendly, straight forward to ride and excel in the Hunter ring.

Alicia not only trains horses but riders as well. Students that ride with Alicia get a good background on horse basics to start with and well informed and educated riders. Lessons with Alicia run weekly or twice weekly and can be in a group, semi private or private. Those wishing show should plan to ride twice weekly.

Riders who come to Hylee Training are usually between the ages of 6 to 68 and are looking at wanting jump. They enjoy understanding how the horse thinks, the mechanics behind how the horse moves and seeing improvement each week. Over the years Alicia has helped many riders over come fears of riding.